Make Money as a Local Dermestid Beetle Taxidermist

Can you Make Money With Dermestid Beetles? The answer is definitely yes! There are a few things you will need to get started and you will need a warm place to keep them, but other than that, these things can make you big money in taxidermy! You Will Need A heated pole barn, garage, or […]

Shipping Your Skull to a Taxidermist

Exactly How to Ship your Skull to a Taxidermist You’ve spent all year waiting for the moment that you’d be able to drop of that trophy game animal, literally visualizing that moment again and again in your mind over and over and over until it seems as though the moment has already happened – and […]

Dermestid Beetle Care and Use for Taxidermy

How to Raise Dermestid Beetles for a Taxidermy Business Have you been thinking about purchasing dermestid beetles online? Want to know what steps you need to take to insure that your dermestid beetles colony goes far and can help you in your taxidermy business? If yes, read on. This article will talk about raising a […]

Dermestid Beetles Taxidermy

Dermestid Beetles For Skull Taxidermy It might sound like something straight out of Indiana Jones movies, but dermestid beetles are known for their use in taxidermy because they pore over every surface of a carcass, eating all the skin, flesh and cartilage in one swarming mass.  If you’ve ever seen a perfectly picked clean carcass […]