Dermestid Carpet Beetles Found in Homes

Dermestid Beetles (Carpet Beetles) Get Around and Reproduce in Amazing Ways

Anthrenus_verbasci or Varied Carpet Beetle

There are hundreds of types of Dermestid beetles. This is Anthrenus verbasci, a common type found in the home.

Most of the time they are called skin beetles and spend their time devouring many common items around the house such as hair and other kinds of decaying bodies and flesh.  They are very often studied by law enforcement to see how they might be utilized in the process of eating bodies.  They are also used in many industries for different reasons such as at taxidermy and museums where it is necessary to clean the flesh off the bones of things being preserved.  Many of the different kinds of beetle are pests and do a lot of damage to locations around the world.

The Breeding Habits of  Carpet Beetles (Dermestid Beetles)

Their favorite way to reproduce is to find a location which is very close to a food source and once they are able to do that they look for a warm location which will be convenient for the incubation of eggs.  Female beetles have the ability to lay between 130 and 150 eggs at a time which much be incubated and kept safe for 12 days while they are hatching.  Once the eggs hatch they immediately search out a source of good food.  They will generally look as close as possible to their birth spot and then will begin eating anything possible to grow as quickly as possible.  They love all kinds of fiber as well as fabrics such as silk and linen and sometimes will also look in the kitchen for anything with cocoa in it.  Who thought that larva were able to be addicted to chocolate?

While they are growing they will eat more than twice their body weight per day so that they will be able to reach adulthood within another 2 weeks.  Once they reach adulthood they will feast on different kinds of plants and flowers and will seek out a mate as quickly as possible so that they will be able to begin repopulating the species.  If you are looking to keep them out of your house avoid wet locations as well as leaving silk and wool in wet locations.  Once they find a location they like they will begin repopulating and making themselves at home.  If you also keep anything with cocoa in the house make sure that you keep it sealed to avoid any visitors.

Prevention of a Carpet Beetle Infestation

Dermestid Beetles or carpet beetles come in many shapes and sizes and will be able to make themselves at home in almost any location and any country.  For this reason if you want to avoid little hatchlings ensure you keep things clean and also dry.  Vacuum on a regular basis to avoid any human or pet dander which can make a buffet for larva or larvae (plural) as and make it a very attractive location for a female to lay her eggs, vacuuming should be done 2x per week so that you will keep things as clean and infestation free as possible.

Dermestid beetles are one of the most common pests and can be a real headache without doing the due diligence for prevention.