Help With Your Dermestid Beetle Online Purchase

Tips For Buying Dermestidae Beetles

Dermestid beetles I bought on Ebay

Here are some beetles I Bought on ebay this spring. They came in all age classes and turned into a large colony quickly.

If you are considering buying dermestid beetles online you should be careful and know what you are buying. There are some sellers that are offering 10 adult beetles for almost $20! or 100 beetles for 46$ This is not a good deal! ¬†You can see an example of this on Amazon. You should be able to buy thousands of beetles of all age ranges for this price. If you purchase a variety of beetle ages you can expect your colony to grow fast and give you the most bang for your buck. If you buy only adults, you will be waiting for a very long time to have a colony of dermestid’s that will be able top clean skulls and perform taxidermy for you.

The fact is that the larvae will eat a lot more than the adults. The adult beetles will actually eat very little meat off a skull. Their primary goal is to breed. While active breeding adults is a very good thing for you, it is not good for getting your skulls cleaned.

The Best Beetle Buying Scenario

You will want to purchase several adults, lots of larvae, and tons of eggs. You will find the eggs laid in the material that the beetles live in. So make sure your seller includes not only the insects, but a bunch of their living material. This way your colony will be instantly growing and have a complete variety of every life cycle.

Where Is the Best Place To Buy Beetles For Taxidermy?

The best deals I have seen were on Ebay. In fact the beetles I currently have came from an ebay seller. They were high quality, came shipped very well and in less than 2 months I had enough beetles to easily do a deer skull. All for the low price of around $50 I am sure there are a lot of places to buy beetles, but ebay seems to have a large variety of sellers, offering any variation and price range you could need.

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