Dermestid Carpet Beetles Found in Homes

Dermestid Beetles (Carpet Beetles) Get Around and Reproduce in Amazing Ways Most of the time they are called skin beetles and spend their time devouring many common items around the house such as hair and other kinds of decaying bodies and flesh.  They are very often studied by law enforcement to see how they might […]

Dermestid Beetles, Flesh Eating Beetles

Dermestid Beetles Get The Food Facts about the Flesh Eating Beetles  The Dermestid Beetle, can sometimes be known as the “Flesh Eating Beetle,” or “Carpet Beetle.” The Carpet Beetle doesn’t give you the heebie-jeebies like that of  Flesh Eating Beetles. But don’t worry, it’s not like that movie, “The Mummy,” where they throw people in […]

Dermestid Beetles Taxidermy

Dermestid Beetles For Skull Taxidermy It might sound like something straight out of Indiana Jones movies, but dermestid beetles are known for their use in taxidermy because they pore over every surface of a carcass, eating all the skin, flesh and cartilage in one swarming mass.  If you’ve ever seen a perfectly picked clean carcass […]